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1 Chronicles 12

Rev. Dr. MJ Romano (podcast)
July 29, 2018

Series: Summer Survival (podcast)

8 records.
Party 1 Chronicles 12 Rev. Dr. MJ Romano 07/29/2018 9 AM Summer Survival
Hydrate Numbers 20:1-13 Rev. Dr. MJ Romano 07/22/2018 9 AM Summer Survival
Rest: Beacuse Jesus Saves, Not Us Psalm 127:1-2; Genesis 1; Exodus 34:21 Rev. Dr. MJ Romano 07/15/2018 9 AM Summer Survival
Picnic Time: When a Walk in the Wilderness Leads You to God Exodus 16:2-25 Rev. Dr. MJ Romano 07/08/2018 9 AM Summer Survival
Obedience to God First: 4th of July in a Purple Church Romans 13:1-7 Rev. Dr. MJ Romano 07/01/2018 9 AM Celebration of Independence
Road Trip Exodus 12:29-42 Rev. Stuart Strachan 06/24/2018 9 AM Summer Survival
Go Take a Hike or Sometimes There's More Than a Bear Waiting for You on the Trail Exodus 3:1-12 Rev. Dr. MJ Romano 06/17/2018 9 AM Summer Survival
Camp or Sometimes You Have to Go Away in Order to Find Your Way Home Genesis 32 Rev. Dr. MJ Romano 06/10/2018 9 AM Summer Survival
8 records.