5 Things to Know This Week @ First Pres

1 Yes, again

Lent is the 40 days (minus Sundays) before Easter, and it begins next week. In preparation for this holy time, we’ll pause this Sunday to reaffirm our baptismal vows. It’s not a baptism--and it’s certainly not a re-baptism (we Presbyterians don’t do that!)--but it is a chance for those of us who have said “yes” to Jesus in the past to say “yes” to Jesus now and declare our intention to continue saying “yes” into the future. We’re especially excited this year that ECO, our national church, has published a new prayer service for just this occasion, and we’ll be using it on Sunday. Also, the Chancel Choir will delight us with a new arrangement of “Amazing Grace.”

2 In Lent

Here are some of the ways we’ll be marking the season of Lent together: A new worship series, “The Power of the Gospel,” celebrating Jesus’ power in our lives Sermon-based small groups (call ‘em “Power Groups!) on Sundays @ 11, Tuesday night at 6:30, or Thursday night at 6:30. Sign up Sunday or call the Church Office to let us know you’re coming. Friday nights at 5:45 with the Ministerial Association for Lenten worship. Locations to come! A variety of devotional material will be available on the table in the Church Foyer at no charge.

3 “Run to the Cross”

On March 29, in worship, our church choir will perform a musical in partnership with the praise band. Arranged by the noted worship leader Travis Cottrell, the musical expresses the journey of Christ to the cross and celebrates His final victory in 7 beautifully composed songs. Dean would like to invite anyone who might sing with the choir for a time to join us in preparing this “high-energy praise and worship Easter”. Rehearsals for this piece will begin immediately this Thursday at 6:30 and each Thursday following. A special kick-off rehearsal is scheduled for Saturday, February 29 with breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and rehearsal from 9:00-11:00. Dean says, “Let’s make this something truly special! Let’s make this a worship event!”


I’ll let you fill this one in.

5 Friday Bible School

School aged kids, join the fun on Fridays from 1 to 4 p.m. Check out more info and the link to registration at https://www.facebook.com/FridayBibleSchool/.

Finally, a thank you and a prayer…

Thank you...from the youth and childrens for your support of their fundraiser last Sunday. They raised just about $600 for summer camps and youth activities,...and prayers for all members, friends, and extended family undergoing treatment for cancer, especially Mike Miller and Brad Jones.