5 Things to Know This Week @ First Pres

1 Renew

“Be renewed,” wrote the apostle Paul in his Letter to the Romans (12:1-2), but do we want to know God’s energy and peace? Even hungry people won’t eat if they don’t want the food. Do we want to be renewed? Join us in worship for the next 5 Sundays of this very special worship series, “Renew,” using the last 5 chapters of Romans. It’s going to be good.

2 8%!

While church membership and worship attendance continue to decline across America, we grew in 2019. Our average worship grew 8%! Thanks to all who make the commitment to grow in relationship with your church family, as well as those who took the brave step of bringing first time guests on Sunday mornings. God is very, very good.

3 God’s House

In this unit--“Visions and Visitors”--kids will learn about the first followers of Jesus: Stephen, Peter, Paul, and others. Kids (with help from you parents), bring your friends to make it even more fun.

4 Order in the chaos?

Chaotic? Overwhelmed? Maybe just a little adrift? Find your compassion with the “Rule of Life” class experience. Over 4-5 weeks, we’ll meet in person and Google hangout as we write together a written “rule of life” to guide us through our days. Join Pastor MJ for a preview following worship this Sunday. No commitment required. Just come find out what it’s all about.

5 Blessed to be a blessing

God has richly blessed us, and we are sharing that blessing with families in Central America. Just a little over $3100 was received for our Christmas Offering, thus meeting and exceeding our goal of $3000. We’ll be sending it to World Renew in the next week!

Finally, prayers... of comfort and strength for the family of Terry and Doug Miller, upon the death of Terry’s father, Joe McCall...and the same for Jeff and Kathleen Paolucci, upon the death of Jeff’s mother Loretta. May God’s peace and strength sustain all.