Welcome to our Worship at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings at the corner of 20th and Raton. God's House, our children's Sunday School, meets after the children's message in Worship. We will go over Renewal in public life: Romans 13:1-7 Big idea: We are renewed in Christ as we learn to engage the world and its authority with integrity.

First Church Alerts

1 “8 Good Things” congregational meeting

It won’t be the usual, (boring) annual meeting this year on Sunday, February 2. Yes, we’ll look at the budget and approve the pastor’s salary (has to be done!), but then we’ll celebrate and sing and praise God together. Please plan to stay after worship that day!

2 Renewed in the world

“Renew: Spiritual Transformation” continues this Sunday in worship with “Renewed in the World” from Romans 13:1-17, “Let everyone be subject to governing authorities…” It’s a challenging passage. The Chancel Choir with help from the Praise Band will offer, “Sing to the King,” and we’ll hear updates on youth ministry from Kristen Elwood.

3 Speaking of Youth Groups

A few things: We’ve got a pancake fundraiser happening on February 16 to support summer camp and the ski trip. Everyone come eat! (2) No high school youth group this Tuesday, January 28. (3) Monarch ski trip info went in the mail today. Watch your mailboxes or have your parents check their email.

4 Goodbye to the playhouse

A huge thanks to Greg Holt who has spent the week demolishing the church playhouse. Unfortunately, vandalism had made the playhouse an eyesore and a safety hazard. We hope to replace it in the spring with a fun, more indestructible play structure.

5 Rule of Life

A rule of life is simply a set of commitments--prayed for and written down--that we follow to honor God and stay on track in our faith and relationships in the midst of our busy lives (www.ruleoflife.com). The “class” will take place in February, both in person and via Zoom meeting. It will be flexible to accommodate those busy lives of ours. If you’d like to join Pastor MJ for this experience, please e-mail her at pastor@lajuntapres.org.

First Church Alerts

1 Renew

Our five week worship series, “Renew: Spiritual Transformation,” continues this Sunday. Based on Romans 12-16, it’s about renewal of who we are, what we do, with whom we do it, and that to which we look forward. Here’s how the series will unfold: January 19 Renewed in the church family January 26 Renewed in a world divided February 2 Renewed in our relationships February 9 Renewed in hope We invite you to invite others to share the experience.

2 “Zero to Hero”

We’re excited to announce that Nate Wilson, author of Zero to Hero: The Tale of My Recovery from Drug Addiction and Psychosis, will be with us to share his testimony on Sunday, February 16. You may know Nate as Dottie Burnett’s nephew. He’s got a powerful story to tell, so please mark the date on your calendars and share with others.

3 Visions & visitors

The God’s House Kidz continue to learn the stories of the early Christians this month. On Sunday, they’ll meet Philip and his Ethiopian friend. With games, crafts, lessons and music, we encourage to help your kids find friends who can join them on the journey.

4 Youth ski trip

Both our middle school and high school youth groups are up and meeting now in the new year. Middle School Youth Fellowship happens on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., with High School Youth Fellowship at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday nights. The youth ski trip will happen on February 28-29 at Monarch. More info will be coming soon!

5 Congregational meeting

Our annual congregational meeting happens on Sunday, February 2, after worship, at 11 a.m. The theme of this year’s congregational meeting (yes, there’s a theme!) is “8 Good Things.” Come find out why!

Welcome to our Worship at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings at the corner of 20th and Raton. God's House, our children's Sunday School, meets after the children's message in Worship. This week we will begin our Renew series! We will also be starting a new series in God’s House, “Visits and Visions”.

5 Things to Know This Week @ First Pres

1 Renew

“Be renewed,” wrote the apostle Paul in his Letter to the Romans (12:1-2), but do we want to know God’s energy and peace? Even hungry people won’t eat if they don’t want the food. Do we want to be renewed? Join us in worship for the next 5 Sundays of this very special worship series, “Renew,” using the last 5 chapters of Romans. It’s going to be good.

2 8%!

While church membership and worship attendance continue to decline across America, we grew in 2019. Our average worship grew 8%! Thanks to all who make the commitment to grow in relationship with your church family, as well as those who took the brave step of bringing first time guests on Sunday mornings. God is very, very good.

3 God’s House

In this unit--“Visions and Visitors”--kids will learn about the first followers of Jesus: Stephen, Peter, Paul, and others. Kids (with help from you parents), bring your friends to make it even more fun.

4 Order in the chaos?

Chaotic? Overwhelmed? Maybe just a little adrift? Find your compassion with the “Rule of Life” class experience. Over 4-5 weeks, we’ll meet in person and Google hangout as we write together a written “rule of life” to guide us through our days. Join Pastor MJ for a preview following worship this Sunday. No commitment required. Just come find out what it’s all about.

5 Blessed to be a blessing

God has richly blessed us, and we are sharing that blessing with families in Central America. Just a little over $3100 was received for our Christmas Offering, thus meeting and exceeding our goal of $3000. We’ll be sending it to World Renew in the next week!

Finally, prayers... of comfort and strength for the family of Terry and Doug Miller, upon the death of Terry’s father, Joe McCall...and the same for Jeff and Kathleen Paolucci, upon the death of Jeff’s mother Loretta. May God’s peace and strength sustain all.