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Volunteer Staff Position

Youth Ministry Coordinator

  1. Identify and recruit adult volunteers for the middle school, high school, and confirmation programs of the church, including the annual high school mission trip.
  2. Provide training to adult volunteers in youth ministry practices and skills. Training will include training in the abuse prevention policies of this church.
  3. Identify outside training opportunities and recommend these opportunities to youth leaders as necessary and appropriate.
  4. Engage in his/her own ongoing training in practices and skills.
  5. Convene quarterly youth ministry leadership meetings, for the purpose of planning, scheduling, mutual encouragement, and prayer.
  6. Keep a master calendar of youth events, to insure that no scheduling conflicts occur. Provide the Church Secretary with a monthly calendar, as well as any changes, for inclusion in the bulletin and Mid Week Messenger.
  7. Complete administrative jobs in support of youth ministry activities, including, but not limited to, registrations, correspondence, and payment for services.
  8. Maintain appropriate social media accounts to reach youth and their parents.
  9. Prepare and present an annual budget to the Finance Team and Session.
  10. Set goals within each ministry to ensure that every ministry is involved in evangelism to the unchurched.
  11. Invite 2 people to church and have one evangelistic conversation each quarter.
  12. Attend monthly staff meetings.
  13. Adhere to the Polity and Essential Tenets of Theology of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.

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