Welcome to our Worship Service at 10:00 a.m. Sunday, January 20th, at 20th and Raton Streets. Our Children's Sunday School, God's House, meets after the Children's message during Worship.

We continue our series, "Becoming a Contagious Christian," with the message "Telling the Story of Jesus" from Philippians 2:1-11 and 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 with special music from the Smith Pulmapa famiily. All are welcome! Invite a friend!

5 Things to Know This Week @ First Pres (plus one reminder)

1 God talk

How do we talk about Jesus in ways that feel comfortable and make sense? Join us on Sunday morning, as our Contagious Christianity series continues. We’re excited to have the Smith Pumalpha family singing, “10,000 Reasons” while the Chancel Choir takes the day off to have time to get ready for Super Sunday.

2 Speaking of Super Sunday

On February 3, we celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ and share that gift with our friends and neighbors. It’s Super Sunday, and we encourage you to invite guests to hear, “Ten Things You May Not Know about Jesus,” and hear special music from the Chancel Choir and others. We’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper and then head downstairs for fellowship time with the God’s House kids who are finishing off their first unit “Ready Set Go” of the year.

3 Speaking of God’s House

The God’s House kids are continuing to learn about the early days of Jesus' ministry and how those lessons apply to their own lives. Why be baptized? How do we resist temptation? What does it mean to follow Jesus? How does Jesus heal, and how can he heal us? We hope you’ll join us. This week’s lesson is, “Jesus Picks a Team,” with lessons from Luke 5. A big thanks to Sarah Petramala and Arah Minck for teaching.

4 Great service, small effort

We’re in immediate need of a new Church Treasurer. Our Church Treasurer meets three times a month for just 30 minutes with Kathy Parker, our Financial Secretary. The Treasurer takes a look at the week’s expenses and signs checks. The Treasurer also attends our Finance Team meeting every other month and reports to Session as needed. It’s an easy job of tremendous important to the church, so please let contact our Finance Team Leader, John Pollmiller, or Pastor MJ as soon as possible.

5 Thank you

If you haven’t noticed (or didn’t see it on Facebook), we were so happy to receive a thank you gift of a Haitian nativity from Health4Haiti, after our recent donation to support their medical missions work. The nativity is handmade by Haitian craftspeople. The stable is a coconut! It’s still set up just outside Pastor MJ’s office, so please stop by to take a look.

Don’t forget! Please plan on staying after worship on Sunday, January 27, for our annual congregational meeting.

Welcome to our Worship Service at 10:00 a.m. Sunday, January 13th, at 20th and Raton Streets. Our Children's Sunday School, God's House, meets after the Children's message during Worship.

We continue our series, "Becoming a Contagious Christian," with the message "Telling Your Story: I Saw the Light," from Acts 9:1-9, 26:4-23 with special music from the Chancel Choir.

5 Things to know This Week @ First Pres

1 Super Sunday

"Super Sunday" happens Sunday, February 3. No, the Broncos won’t be playing that day, but there’s no reason not to celebrate God’s goodness and grace. Super Sunday will feature extra musical selections from our Chancel Choir and musicians, and Pastor MJ will share, “10 Things You Might Not Know About Jesus.” This is a great opportunity to invite friends, family, and others whom you believe might enjoy a boost of faith in their lives. More information and details will follow.

2 God’s House

Kids in “Ready Set Go” this week visit the wilderness of Jesus’ temptation, with some great practical applications in their own lives for avoiding temptation. We really encourage our older kids especially (gr. 4-6) not to miss it.

3 This Sunday

“Contagious Christianity” continues in worship with “Telling Your Story” from Acts 9 and 26, the testimony of the apostle Paul. It’s Part One of a two part exercise in learning to talk about our faith. The Chancel Choir will sing.

4 New volunteer staff

One of the things our Healthy Church prescriptions called for was a new organizational structure that replace team leaders with volunteer staff. We’re blessed with these individuals who have already come forward:

Joey Gacnik will serve as our Assimilation Director (formerly Evangelism & Membership) Dawn Pollmiller is our new Compassion Ministries Coordinator Jerry Chambers is our Fellowship Coordinator Rosa Salo will serve as our Human Resources Director Marilyn Chambers is our new Worship Arts Director

We are still seeking (1) a Bible Study & Small Groups Coordinator, (2) a Youth Ministries Coordinator, and (3) a Congregational Care Coordinator. Job descriptions will be available soon on the Information Station in the church foyer.

5 Help Wanted

In the area of paid staff, we are still (desperately) seeking a new Children’s Evangelist. This is an expanded version of our Children’s Minister position with a significantly increased salary. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact Pastor MJ as soon as possible. The person who refers the successful candidate will receive extra jewels in his/her crown of glory.