Journey to Jesus

"Journey to Jesus" is the name we’re giving this year’s preparation for Easter (aka Lent). Here’s what’s involved:

  • A worship series in which we’ll journey through scripture, from the banks of the Jordan River for Jesus’ baptism on February 11, to the foot of Calvary and beyond on Easter Sunday, April 1.
  • A “steps” challenge to travel the same number of steps it took Jesus to travel from the Jordan River to Jerusalem. How far was it? Come find out and grab a pedometer if you don’t have (or don’t wish to use) an app on your phone or Fitbit.
  • A devotional study booklet for personal, group, or family use.
  • A children’s sticker book, “Footsteps to the Cross,” will be available for every child (5th grade and younger).
  • A chance to empower families rural Tanzania by donating towards the purchase of sewing machines and training for women there.